What a Divorce is All About…

Residents of Santa Clarita should know that California is a “no-fault” divorce state; which simply means there are no grounds necessary to prove you’re entitled to a divorce. Instead, California gives the following choices to people to make as a reason for a divorce:

A. Dissolution of the marriage OR Legal separation based on:
     1. irreconcilable differences;
     2. incurable insanity;
B. Nullity of void marriage based on:
     1. incestuous marriage;
     2. bigamous marriage;
C. Nullity of voidable marriage based on:
     1. petitioner’s age at time of marriage;
     2. prior existing marriage;
     3. unsound mind;
     4. fraud;
     5. force;
     6. physical incapacity;

Regardless of the above-stated list, the majority of divorces filed in California (and especially, Santa Clarita) are based on “irreconcilable differences.” Additionally, neither party can stop the other party from filing a divorce merely because they do not want to get a divorce from their spouse. If one spouse says there are irreconcilable differences and the other spouse disagrees, a divorce will still be granted. However, if the two parties mutually resolve their differences and reconcile prior to the entry of judgment, no judgment of dissolution will issue.

Low Cost Legal Pros understands that filing for divorce in Santa Clarita, California is a multi-step process. While the process starts with the actual filing of the “Petition,” there are many additional steps to be followed. Therefore, Low Cost Legal Pros has provided the following flowchart to Santa Clarita residents to simplify this multi-step process.

Multi-step process of divorce

Divorce Flowchart


Using the flowchart above, a party can see how tiring the process can be if they are not paying attention to either court rules or practices or procedures. If this is the case and you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Low Cost Legal Pros at your earliest convenience. Now that’s good advice!

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