Affordable Legal Help

At a firm employing 76-150 lawyers, the average was $295 per hour. Firms employing 150 lawyers charge an average billable rate of $333. The problem with that survey is, it was conducted in 2009, some 5 years ago! Now the average hourly rate has increased to $350 per hour for a small law firm! The majority of criminal law attorneys charge flat fees of $1,000-$10,000 to take on your case while some personal injury lawyers and other civil litigators are using “hybrid contingency” agreements where they demand a specific retainer fee upfront (in the range of $1,500 to $7,500) before agreeing to a 30% contingency fee. These costs simply aren’t affordable for the average person. At Low Cost Legal Pros, it is our mission to make sure that all individuals with low and middle incomes have affordable access to justice.

Low Cost Legal Pros charges a low flat-rate fee for all individual services on a per-project basis. However, on occasion, we are requested to provide an hourly rate. In those rare circumstances, that rate is $75 per hour. Not $175 or $275, but $75 per hour. As you can see, this hourly rate is far below the market average. By operating as we do, and eliminating all the hidden fees and charges our competition employs, we are still able to provide our clients with all the “bells and whistles” typically found at the big name firms. Low Cost Legal Pros simply minimized its overhead in order to provide low cost legal services to those in need. So you see, it’s in our name… Low Cost Legal and we are the pros at providing needed services based on income to ensure that our clients are being charged according to their ability to pay.

Just because we provide low cost services, this does not mean that our clients receive lesser services. Low Cost Legal Pros are committed to providing compassionate, assertive, and client-centered legal assistance to each and every one of our clients. From the initial intake throughout the entire course of representation with Low Cost Legal Pros, our clients have constant and continuous access to the California courts and their legal rights.